by Santosh Mishra
on 29-08-2020

How to be great in Business

How to be great in Business

successful businesses, which will not only survive but prosper too, must be willing to adapt, by networking, by employing fresh new talent and finding different ways to sell their services

The twenty-first century has seen businesses minimise waste, maximise revenue opportunities and learn how to increase efficiency. It is a brave new world and successful businesses, which will not only survive but prosper too, must be willing to adapt.

The digital footprint

The rise of online businesses, such as Airbnb, has shown property owners how they can utilise their properties while they are away on holiday, or offer a short-term let of their spare rooms, creating a fierce low-cost competitor to the hotel industry.

Be aware of the power of networks

With the advent of the ubiquitous social media network Facebook, it is becoming a large aspect of our modern digital culture that your networks are what make or break you. Yes, what you know is important. But who you know is, and, to a degree always has been, of vital importance. The power of networks is an area of growing importance in the commercial sector. A new membership network has proved successful in the commercial sector, specialising in how businesses can sell their down-time, unsold stock or products and services. Its name is Find Us On Web Business Network, and it operates across the local, national and international levels.

With thousand and thoudand of members loccaly and nationally, this system allows its members to sell unsold seats or rooms in the leisure and tourism sector, or make the most of quiet periods in areas of professional services, such as accountants selling their unbooked time. Even in specialist areas, such as the media industry, unbooked advertising space can be offered to other Bartercard members, providing a new marketing platform. The platform offers a community of potential buyers, widening the network of people who might take advantage of what would otherwise be wasted.

Support Budding Talent and Reap the Rewards

It is important to understand how best to operate as a business to be efficient, effective and deliver against the bottom line, year in and year out. But business owners and leaders must also understand how to nurture the future of the company. The crisis in graduate employment across the UK over the last few years has seen fierce competition for junior roles, with limited experience offered by the leagues of university graduates applying for jobs. By offering internships, mentoring and on-the-job experience to young people, you will find you foster future talent that might prove invaluable to your business. There is a lot, especially in the digital age, that can be learnt from the young, from understanding digital and communication trends to having someone in-house who is familiar with Photoshop - not because you sent them on a training course, but by mere virtue of the fact that the up-and-coming generation are more au fait with technology.

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