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Businesses can create and publish their own newsletter, using the ‘Newsletters on Web’ tools and technology for ease and convenience.

The audience of this newsletter can be tailored to meet the needs and preference of the individual business.

Simple four step process

Add / Order
You choose the promotional options and touch points in alignment of what you want to promote. You place the order of the promotional elements after selecting a default newsletter tool

Manage Contents
You create and manage the content to be promoted in the newsletter

After you have added or updated your contents and finalised it , you can choose “Promote Now” button to include your content in the desired newsletter from “My Promotions” navigation Menu.

Preview & Publish
You preview your promotion to verify how it is going to look in the
newsletter after it is issued and Mark it ready to publish

- Create multiple touchpoints with prospects or customers
- Let your target market find you in past or upcoming newsletter issue for getting you new opportunities
- We can help you form the newsletter content & graphics
- You decide what to promote
- Great way to get new business
- Many promotional categories
- Share greater customer experience for repeat business
- Plan it like a monthly or weekly event for ease of access
- View and manage your promotions
- View and manage your free or paid orders

Three reasons

Keeping In Touch
Newsletter is a big part of every brand's marketing strategy. It is crucial to ensure you have a unified message across your platforms including the newsletter to keep in touch with your target market. It is an integral part of every good marketing strategy of the organisation and the creator of an essential touchpoint of your brand for organic business growth. It adds personal touches to your relationship, to your business offerings and to celebrate milestones

Hook In New Customers
Newsletter offers interested clients the opportunity to learn more about you, your business, and your products. It helps them learn more about your interaction with your existing customers. Unless an immediate need, often customers will always shop around and compare a deal. A newsletter is a very simple strategy to turn a one-time visitor into a lifetime customer.

Establish Your Expertise
No one knows more about your business than you do which makes you an expert. An email or a printed newsletter is not only a cost-effective business boosting tool but it also shares your nuggets of knowledge to deepen your relationship with your existing customers and convince potential customers that you are the answer to their problems.

Newsletters On Web is a well–designed tool helping you to neatly put together content that’s organised to engage your existing and prospective customers, and update them with new information in alignment with your newsletter content goals.

It is a powerful tool to drive customer engagement , to build customer loyalty and even sales if used the right way.

This newsletter hub is designed with a mindset to save you time and resource cost while producing a periodic newsletter for your business or your community.

For you, newsletters may not be important; they may just be seen as pieces of paper and nothing more.

You have likely tried promoting ads on the internet, television and radio to boost your sales to no avail… but you may not know that people are more likely to read news than ads.

A newsletter’s potential as an investment in a loyal, growing clientele is greater than many imagine. Like other ventures in marketing and customer relationship management, newsletter success begins with positive attitude.

By disregarding the power of newsletters, you are missing out on one of the most successful components of a winning marketing strategy. Your positive attitude in the beginning is essential in shaping the newsletter that ends in your clients’ hands.

A newsletter is periodic content that is sent to your existing and potential customers of your target market to create a touch point with your business .

It is a very successful tool helping you share various types of information with the registered members, customers and/or subscribers of your business community to keep them informed and stay on the top of their mind.

It is one of the most effective marketing strategy for sharing the latest news, updates and information about your offerings, products, services or brands personalised to the behaviour of your target market.

It is a well designed formula with a strong ability to boost the chances of the success of your organisation organically.

Newsletter email is the most cost-effective and highest ROI (return on investment) marketing medium. Its best application is for customer retention, marketing to your in-house list. However, take care not to consider newsletter email low value just because it's cheap. Failing to take care with your newsletter email marketing strategy will be detrimental to your relationship with your customers. Put the same care, effort and focus on your newsletter email as if it was a costly direct mail.

There are many factors that affect deliverability. Using a good newsletter email service provider will mean the specialist technical issues around deliverability are managed. You will still be responsible for campaigning issues that affect deliverability. Use an inbox delivery confirmation checking service to verify you are not getting spam filtered and, if you are, seek advice from your service provider. Inbox delivery confirmation services are available from third parties or via a good newsletter email service provider.

The 'newsletter email from' name - that is, the name the reader sees in their inbox when they receive the newsletter email - is a very important human filtering factor when deciding to open an newsletter email. Newsletter emails which come from your boss or partner get treated differently from newsletter emails from someone you've never heard of. So, the 'from' name should be a name your reader is likely to identify with. It should only be the name of a real person if you are sure the reader will recognise the name. If not, then use your company name.

The purpose of the subject line is to persuade someone to give you another 20 seconds of their attention and get them to open and scan the body of your newsletter email. It is not to explain the whole contents of the newsletter email or your offer. An example of a bad subject line is 'March Newsletter'. This tells the reader nothing about what is in the newsletter or why they should be interested. Just as bad would be 'Buy product X now'. Before asking someone to buy, you need to give them a reason to want to buy. You can't do all of that in the subject line.

Dynamic content is a block of content that is only included in your newsletter for some recipients, not all. The information that is relevant to the recipient is added 'dynamically' as the newsletter email is sent. Dynamic content is a way to improve content relevance. For example, dynamic content could be used to: • Include different content depending on the lifecycle stage of the customer. A new subscriber, for example, needs to be treated differently from a regular customer. • Supply content based on preferences expressed by the recipient. If you have many products or services, you can include information on only those your customer has expressed an interest in.

In newsletter email terms, 'above the fold' means the part of the newsletter email seen in the preview window or the part you can read before scrolling down. It's an important part of the newsletter email as it is seen first. Unless it hits home, it is unlikely someone will read further. It needs to have headlines and text to drive people into the newsletter email body.

You need to obey the laws relevant to your country. In the USA, that means Can-Spam, and in Europe, the Directives on Electronic Communications. For more information see: • the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations; • the Electronic Commerce Regulations; • the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations. The key items are relevant permission and inclusion of an unsubscribe link, your company registration number, place of registration and registered office.

Yes, Newsletter On Web is freemium service – if you have less than 50 contacts and send less than 100 newsletter emails per month. If you want to send newsletters to more contacts, you can easily upgrade in the tool.

You can pay for your subscription with any major credit card. When you upgrade your account, you can choose between the different subscription levels – you basically pay for the number of unique contacts (=individual newsletter email addresses) you have across all your newsletter email lists. Calculate how much you need to pay for your number of subscribers here. You can choose between monthly and annual billing. You get 20% off if you pay annually – that’s basically 12 months for the price of 10!

Log into your account and click on the “Upgrade” button. Once you’ve upgraded, you don’t have to do it again. The system detects the number of contacts you have in your account and makes sure that you’re always on the right price plan.

Yes! You sign up for free and your account remains free for as long you want. We only limit the number of contacts you can have on your newsletter email lists (or – the number of people you can send your newsletters to?) to 100, and the number of newsletter emails you can send to 500 per month in the free account. If you want to use more, you need to upgrade. Otherwise, your account is free.

Newsletter email provides excellent measurability. No longer do you need to guess how people will react to your marketing messages. With newsletter email, you can measure who opens and clicks on your newsletter email. This not only means you know who in your audience is engaged but also what information is interesting and of value to them. The measurability gives the data necessary to allow optimisation and improvement in your marketing. You can test different messages and improve marketing based on facts. This means no more endless discussions - you can do it, test it and find out what works best.

Yes, you can save the contacts in a CSV and upload them into your Newsletter On Web account through the ‘contacts’ tab.

We do not allow sending newsletters to purchased newsletter email lists. We want to make sure that all our users are only sending newsletter emails to contacts that have given them permission to receive newsletter emails (in line with the GDPR and other newsletter email marketing laws.)

Newsletters are sent Once in a Month - usually on a 1st Tuesday. Occasionally, we may send out a newsletter when there are business breakthroughs, advice, Hints and Tips or new competitions which don't fall on a scheduled day but needs to be communicated earlier.

Simply press the Unsubscribe link in your newsletter email and you'll be removed from the newsletter email list. This can take 48 hours and is handled by Communicator, our newsletter email providers.

These newsletter email providers have anti-spam filters that sometimes take out newsletter emails from new senders. For this reason, you may have to add out newsletter email address to your Safe Senders List. This ensures that our newsletter email gets through to you. You should also check your Spam or Junk Folders to make sure our newsletter email doesn't end up there.

Yes, there are some nominal charges for Newsletter on Web as its a FREEMIUM service. But using the referral feature of the website and the mouth publicity, toy can generate shopping credits and purchase the desired promotions for FREE using those credits.

No way! We only use your newsletter email to send you our Diabetes Newsletters. Your newsletter emails are never sold or given to any other parties. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

You should receive your first newsletter email within 2 weeks of signing up. If you don't receive the newsletter within that time, please let us know here.

Your content is what will keep your customers reading your newsletter email. After they sign up, they will read your next two or three newsletter emails. If they like the content they will continue reading, but if they don't they will unsubscribe or emotionally unsubscribe. Emotional unsubscribing is when someone will not bother to actually unsubscribe but will continue to receive your newsletter and will simply hit delete without even skimming it. The most effective newsletters deliver information of interest and value to the reader without being full of marketing and sales speak. Today's readers are sceptics. Don't talk about yourself and how good your company and products are. If you provide thoughtful, helpful and insightful information that is of value to your readers on its own, then you will build your relationship and trust so that they will become interested in your products, services and spending money with you.

This can happen if your newsletter email reader can't handle HTML. If this happens to you, simply click the 'View online' link on the newsletter email to see it as it was designed to be viewed.

If you've changed your newsletter email address, simply enter your newsletter email address in the box above and sign-up for the newsletter again.

If you have another question not listed here, please contact us and we'll do our best to answer it.

Follow and Subscribe are two actions a member can take on SocialMediaIn to express interest in something. • Follow - If a member follows a person or company, they’ll receive some notifications about that person or company’s content but they won’t automatically be subscribed to that author’s newsletter. • Subscribe - If a member subscribes to a newsletter, they’ll always be notified about each article that is published in that newsletter but they won’t necessarily be a follower of the newsletter author’s other content. Learn more about following people, companies, and topics on SocialMediaIn.

You can subscribe to a newsletter by clicking the Subscribe button, which can be found: • On the notification you receive when one of your connections or someone you follow has created a newsletter. • In your feed: • When you see an article that is a part of a newsletter. The Subscribe option is located above the article name. • When you see a shared newsletter. The Subscribe option is located next to the newsletter information. • On an article within the newsletter you’re interested in. The Subscribe option is located at the top right of the page. • At the top of the newsletter page of the newsletter you’re interested in. • On a newsletter recommendation in the My Network tab.

1 Click the My Network icon at the top of your homepage. 2 Under Manage my network in the left rail, click on Newsletters. 3 You can view and manage the list of newsletters you’re subscribed to from here.

There are two ways to share an article in a newsletter: • If you’re viewing the article, click the Share icon under the article’s title. • If you find the article in your feed, click the Share icon at the bottom of the article. How do I preview a newsletter and view previous editions by the same author? Each newsletter has its own page, a place where members can learn about the newsletter and its author, see past editions, and choose to subscribe to or share the newsletter. Authors of newsletters can use their newsletter page to provide a preview of their newsletter and share it on or off social media. You don’t have to be logged in to visit the page, but members must log in to subscribe to the newsletter or share it on social media. Learn more about newsletter page on social media.

We currently don’t have a homepage or search option for newsletters. If another connection or member you follow publishes a newsletter, you’ll receive a notification. Also, look for the Trending newsletters in your network section of your My Network tab.

Newsletter notification newsletter emails make it easier for newsletter subscribers to access and share articles. You can read the article in your inbox or you can read it on SocialMediaIn by clicking on the article headline or the Join the Conversation button at the bottom of the newsletter email. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter emails at any time by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of one of the newsletter newsletter emails. You’ll stop receiving newsletter emails from any newsletter you’re subscribed to but will remain subscribed to that newsletter on your SocialMediaIn feed.

To unsubscribe from a newsletter on the new article newsletter notification received: 1 Click the More icon on the notification. 2 Click Unsubscribe to stop receiving notifications from the newsletter. To unsubscribe from a newsletter article: 1 Click into the article to open it. 2 Click Unsubscribe to stop receiving notifications from the newsletter.

It needs to be regular enough so you are not forgotten and not so frequent that your readers feel spammed. Monthly is very common and anything between two weeks and two months is reasonable. Be consistent; don't send two newsletter emails in three weeks and then none for six weeks.

To unsubscribe from a newsletter page: 1 Navigate to a newsletter page. You can do this by: 1 Clicking on a newsletter you see in the feed or in a message 2 Clicking on the name of a newsletter on an individual newsletter article 3 Clicking on a newsletter recommendation in the My Network tab 4 Clicking on a newsletter you’re subscribed to in the Manage my network section of the My Network tab 2 Click the Subscribed button near the top of the page to stop receiving notifications.

Even if you’ve previously unsubscribed from a newsletter, you may see the newsletter in your feed. This usually happens if one of your connections shares, comments, or likes that newsletter or an article from that newsletter.

To turn off newsletter invitation notifications: 1 Click the More icon on the right of the notification. 2 Click Turn off to stop receiving notifications.

The newsletter author can see that you are a subscriber. They can see your name, profile photo, job title, and headline as they appear on your SocialMediaIn profile, subject to your settings. Learn more about what the newsletter author sees.

Download the PDF and take a Print out of the newsletter to see how its going to look

No, NewslettersOnWeb not only produces custom newsletters but offers options with a design and articles tailored to the wishes of each client. You will find that a custom newsletter with content that is relevant to your specific company, employees and customers is much more effective and generates more positive results than a template newsletter with generic content that looks exactly like other companies’ newsletters. With a custom newsletter, you’ll have a unique, one of a kind design that stands out from your competitors’ newsletters. More importantly, you can feature custom articles that provide benefits to your company. For instance, you can drive sales and gain new customers by featuring “customer profile” articles, where your best customers are interviewed and quoted as to why they prefer your company’s products services and employees over your competitors. Learn more about the different types of results-oriented articles that you can feature in a customized customer newsletter that we can help you produce.

At NewslettersOnWeb, here’s how our writing services work. We request that the client first puts together a list of articles they want written for each issue, along with contact people who our highly experienced business writers can interview for each article. For instance, if you want an article on a new product that your company is offering, you may want us to interview your marketing manager, as well as one of your customers who has tested the new product and had great results. The writer will then write an entertaining, informative article based on what was learned in the interview, quoting the interviewees when appropriate. Learn more about our writing services and how we produce your articles.

I need to send NewslettersOnWeb some articles and a mailing list for my newsletter. How do you prefer to receive them?

No, when you hire us to provide newsletter services, you are not locked into any contract for a certain number of issues. We produce your newsletters on an issue-by-issue basis according to your timeline. You are free to do just one issue with us, if you’d like. Or if you are hiring us to produce a quarterly newsletter, and your budget is too tight to do the 4th issue, no problem to skip an issue and continue at a later time.

Yes, photos will really dress up your newsletter and we highly encourage clients to take photos and send them to us to run in their newsletter. In fact, here are some helpful tips on how to take great photos for your newsletter while making sure you have enough resolution so they reproduce crisply. You can newsletter email photos to us in any common photo format, such as .JPG files. Because photo files are quite large and we have an incoming limit on the size of newsletter emails, please do not newsletter email more than three photos at a time to us. You can also avoid using newsletter email and send them to us all at once using a file sharing service. One such free service that we like is WeTransfer.

The fundamental metrics are 'delivery', 'open' and 'unique click' rates, expressed as percentages. All good newsletter email marketing software and specialist agencies will provide these statistics. • Delivery is the ratio of the number of newsletter emails that didn't bounce to the number of newsletter emails sent. • Open rate is the ratio of number of people opening to number of newsletter emails delivered. • Unique click rate is the ratio of people who clicked links to the number of newsletter emails delivered. Good results are over 95% for delivery, 30% for opens and over 10% for clicks. However, response rates vary widely. The most significant aspects are campaign data quality and value of content. Campaign data quality here includes the accuracy of match of your message to the target audience and the audience history. If you are sending the tenth newsletter email this month for which there is a low match to readers' interests, then don't expect a good response.

Detailed directions for viewing your online color proofs can be found here.

Your newsletter is added to the queue on the 10th of every month and will go out between the 10th & 12th.

Yes, you can modify the newsletter emailed newsletter as much as you’d like after it appears in your Newsletter email Marketing System (usually on the 2nd) and before it is added to the queue on the 10th. You cannot modify the newsletter as it appears on your website, however.

Yes, you can import a bulk list of contacts (see help under ‘Adding Contacts to Newsletter Subscribers’).

Yes, you can add manually one my one using our digital marketplace CRM functionality or ask one the team to show you the import functionality for Bulk import

Yes, you can create and send out an unlimited number of custom messages.

When you add a new contact to the Newsletter email Marketing System, they will automatically receive a verification newsletter email, asking if they want to receive newsletter emails from your firm. This is required legally to protect users from being spammed and verify the newsletter email account is active. In this newsletter email, users will see a Subscribe button and a Unsubscribe button, example screenshot below. If they click the Subscribe button, they will then be a Verified contact. If they click the Unsubscribe button, they will then become an Opted Out contact. Unverified contacts are contacts who have not clicked either button yet.

Yes. From the contacts list, click the individual’s newsletter email address. Then click ‘Resend verification newsletter email’

These newsletter emails typically have a typo in them or they are no longer active newsletter email accounts.

Every newsletter email provider has different security settings to block spam. Users can also increase those security settings further. If newsletter emails are bouncing, ask your clients to reduce their security settings or to add your newsletter email address as an ‘allowed’ address. If they have the ability to white list an IP address ask them to white list this one: It is also possible that these are Invalid newsletter email addresses, but the system doesn’t recognize them as invalid. An newsletter email gets labeled bounced after 3 bounced messages and messages will not be sent to those newsletter emails again. It could be from 3 newsletters or from a combination of newsletters and messages you sent out through the EMS. Finally, asking us to add an SPF record to your domain may help.

Content should be short, scannable and in small chunks. Readers spend just seconds skimming over newsletter emails, picking up on general keywords and topics. if they spot something relevant they will slow down and read more carefully. Start by writing your newsletter email, then remove half the words and then review and remove some more. You'll be getting close then to having just the key information. But where do you put the full details that you want to share? Link from the short, scannable newsletter email text to landing pages that contain the full articles and information.

Ask us and we’ll remove all of them for you!

When importing lists of contacts, it’s easy to forget to add them to a specific list (EX: Newsletter list), so they will not be subscribed to your newsletter. These contacts will appear under Contacts/Nonsubscribed Contacts.

We're happy to have you come on board as a reader. Click here to learn more and subscribe to any of our 200+ free e-mail newsletters.

Log in to your account to update your profile information and newsletter subscriptions.

To ensure our newsletter get to you, please add our newsletter's "from" address to your "safe senders" or "approved senders" list. If you don't have something like that, you may need to chat with your IT folks so they can allow our messages through your mail server. For more information about our mail servers, please see the 'Mail Administrator' section below. As always, feel free to send an newsletter email to or submit a request on our feedback page.

If you are receiving two identical Newsletters each day, it’s probably because you are subscribed with two or more separate e-mail addresses. (Our distribution system doesn’t send multiple copies of a message to the same address.) You can check your subscription address by looking at the “created for” information at top of your newsletter. From there, you can stop delivery to one of the addresses using the Unsubscribe link in the corresponding Newsletter e-mail’s footer, or submit a support request if you continue to experience problems.

Newsletter has the ability to throttle connections on a per domain basis, and we'd be happy to lower the connection speed and/or number of connections for your domain. Please send your request to with the domain name and your full contact info. For Mail Administrators

The perfect time to send your newsletter email is when your reader is going through their newsletter emails and they have no unread newsletter emails left. This is, of course, much easier said than done but it is a guiding principle. For many campaigns, the prime time is between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Your list and newsletter email content will affect the ideal send time. The best approach is to test different send times to see what works for your audience.

Graphic newsletter emails with appropriate use of layout, images, colour and fonts perform better than plain text newsletter emails in almost all instances. Graphic newsletter emails are created using HTML, the same language used for web pages.

You will need to ensure your newsletter email displays correctly in major newsletter email clients. Having your HTML newsletter email created by an newsletter email coding expert is a good first step. The rules of acceptable HTML are different for newsletter emails and for web pages, so don't be tempted to get a webmaster with no newsletter email experience to do it for you. You, or your newsletter email coder, should test that it works with common newsletter email platforms. There are third party services that can check the newsletter email displays correctly and this speeds up the process. Some newsletter email service providers can also provide such tools.

Yes, Send us an newsletter email and we will get back to you in no time.

Speak to us on send us an Email on

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